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Your tennis instructor in Mallorca

John Lambrecht –
Your tennis coach
in Mallorca

I’m glad you’re interested in tennis. Be my guest on the court and let me support you to dive deeper into this fascinating sport and get to know all its facets. Whether you are an inquisitive beginner, a long-time hobby sportsman or an ambitious tournament player – together we will bring your tennis game to a new level.

Tennis training

You won’t get ordinary tennis training with me. I follow a holistic approach so that you can benefit from the lessons on as many levels as possible. With fun and creativity, the focus is literally on »playful« development.

Besides improving your tennis technique, I would also like to train your tactical understanding, which also includes your mental strength. Additionally, I integrate tennis-specific athletic exercises into your training to improve your physical fitness. Because this is the basic requirement for you to be able to practice your favourite hobby for a long time and above all without pain.

Your tennis lesson

In the first place is the fun!
And with curiosity and diligence the progress will come by itself.


Tennis training

Every training session begins for you with a good warm-up. Because with it you bring not only your muscles but also your mind into the sport mode. Playfully and match faithfully we will then improve your tennis game. Endless “ball feeding” from the basket will be just as little as constant technique corrections. With me you will achieve progress through a natural learning process. The goal is to find your individual swing and so we develop the best technique for your skills.


Mental training

Through various methods you will learn how to give your best in tennis. Visualizing strokes, regulating emotions and focusing on the ball, these skills give you a big advantage in the decisive moment. You will also learn more about the tactical finesse of tennis. With the knowledge of match plan, percentage tennis and court position you will increase your chances of winning the close matches from now on.


Athletics training

The better your athletic skills, the more your tennis game will benefit. Tennis is a full-body sport and the movements are extremely varied and demanding. Through creative exercises you will become familiar with the most varied movement patterns on the court and thus additionally improve your speed, agility, condition and coordination.



Meet me on the Court

I am looking forward to getting to know you and together we will bring your tennis to a new level.