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Your tennis instructor in Mallorca

Made for tennis

For me, tennis is one of the most versatile sports. The interaction of technique, tactics, athletics and mental strength is what makes tennis so unique for me. I am attracted by both the competition as an individual athlete and the common team spirit (league). And above all, I am very happy when my students constantly develop themselves further.

For this reason I have already spent thousands of hours of my life on the tennis court. This passion and fascination for the game of tennis has led me to continuously improve my knowledge and understanding of the sport with all its facets and to offer the best possible service as a coach. I see it as my task to teach my students tennis in a simple, creative and entertaining way. In recent years, the mental factor has moved more and more into focus.

I think that mental strength is essential in tennis in order to understand and teach tennis in a comprehensive way. With increasing experience I have come to realize the importance of “the power of thought“, both in everyday life and in sports. By improving my mental strength and my ability to perform at my best under pressure, I have been able to raise the level of my sporting performance to a higher level.

I am a qualified tennis instructor (B-licence), fitness trainer (A-licence) and have completed a two-year apprenticeship as a Sport Mental Coach.

I am still play tournaments myself. In the ITF world rankings I am in the top 60 (age group 40, year 2022). Before I moved to Mallorca (2020), I was Berlin/Brandenburg champion (age group 40) and during my time in Mallorca, I won both the Mallorca Championship and the Balearic Championship in the age group 35. 

Now I would like to support you to reach your next level on the tennis court – no matter if you are a beginner or an ambitious tournament player…




Meet me on the Court

I am looking forward to getting to know you and together we will bring your tennis to a new level.