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Street Racket Mallorca

The new sport for anyone, anytime, and anywhere.

Street Racket is a new sport developed by Swiss Marcel Straub in 2015. The sport can be played by anyone, at anytime and anywhere. It does not require any equipment and it is easy, fun and safe to learn.

The great thing about Street Racket is its simplicity. All you need to play is a racket, a ball, a piece of chalk and off you go! Within seconds, you can set up a Street Racket field anywhere. Any hard surface will do, even sand and snow surfaces.

Its simple rules allow for long rallies and rhythmic game sequences, this gives room for control and joy to be the center focus of the game. Street Racket can be played either individually, in pairs, or in groups. There are already over 300 game variations making it extremely versatile and interesting.


Street Racket

Perfect for schools and other educational institutions

Street Racket, now played in over 30 countries, is suitable and well adapted for educational institutions. Its movement concept has already received awards from various educational institutions. Not only does it provide more activity for playgrounds, but it may also be integrated into the school curriculum. Whether it is for physical education, mathematics or languages, Street Racket allows for countless game innovations and variations that can be well implemented into academics.

The advantages of “movement in learning” have been scientifically proven. Furthermore, there are other valuable assets that can be adopted while learning and playing simultaneously: improved movement, better health, community development, improved self-confidence, belongingness, feelings of achievement, and movement motivation!

In addition, the minimum acquisition and maintenance costs are further advantages for schools.


Offers Street Racket

120 minutes introductory course for teachers (maximum 24 people) = 450 euros

If you would like a longer Street Racket course or a larger number of participants, please contact me for an individual offer.

Street Racket as event (e.g. birthday, school party, company party). The price varies depending on the number of participants and the equipment preparation.

Please contact me for an individual offer.





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