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Intensive Days “Mental Strength in Tennis

The biggest opponent on the tennis court is often not the player on the other side of the court, but our own mind. We get angry, condemn ourselves when we fail and inwardly berate the opponent or our own technical inability. This inner chaos eventually keeps us from playing our best tennis and sometimes even takes the joy out of the game. 

But it doesn’t have to come to that… In the intensive days “Mental Strength in Tennis” you will learn practical mental techniques that will enable you to master challenging situations on the tennis court more confidently in the future. You will learn to regulate your emotions and play more present and focused tennis. You will enjoy the sport more and will therefore be able to get the decisive percent more performance out of yourself.

Contents of the intensive days “Mental strength in tennis”:

  • Dealing with negative thoughts and stress
  • Attention control
  • Learning visualisation, affirmation and breath regulation
  • Setting goals correctly
  • Creating a match plan and how to mentally prepare for a training session/competition
  • “The secret” of the world’s best professionals. Using a specific method, the world’s best players relax and focus within seconds during a match and are able to perform at their best over a long period of time. You can learn this method too, no matter what level of player you are.

By improving your mental skills, you will have much more fun and therefore automatically more success in your tennis.

The intensive days can be designed individually. Depending on your interests and how deep you want to dive into the topic of “mental strength in tennis”, I offer both one-day and multi-day coaching sessions. The intensive days can take place as individual or group lessons. It is possible to book the intensive days in combination with a hotel, or you can integrate the training into your regular stay on Mallorca.

Contact me and together we will find the best offer for you.  




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